Critical Race Theory is not a continuation of the civil rights movement. It is in reality racist in its makeup and origin.  CRT holds that the most important thing about you is your race. Not your behavior, your values, your environment. But your race.

Ron Hood and Candice Keller want ALL Ohioans to succeed, no matter their socio-economic background, race, religion or ethnicity.  ALL division in public schools and colleges intended to separate us due to racial make-up is wrong. CRT teachings must be completely 100% defunded in all our state-funded educational institutions.


One of Governor Ron Hood’s first acts will be to request a forensic audit of the Ohio 2020 election to make sure all was handled ethically and transparently. There are still yet too many unanswered questions regarding certain voting systems and the process of counting votes, providing photo ID, and having good, fair elections.

Ohio’s elections must be fair and honest. Citizens who doubt that Ohio handles our elections fairly will lose faith in our existing system if immediate action is not taken.

Ron Hood will restore your confidence in our system of government. He encourages IN PERSON voting, PAPER ballots only, and VOTER ID required at all Ohio polling locations.  If nothing was amiss, there is nothing lost by asking questions. Now is the time to restore faith in our election system.


Our Ohio government has gotten way too big and way too expensive. We must reign in spending, programs, projects and eliminate pork immediately in order to survive as a competitive force in the business realm.

Ohio belongs to its citizens, not the bureaucrats.


Thanks to the policies of the Biden administration, there are millions of job openings and only a fraction are being filled. Now, we have great opportunity to bring Ohio back through the lengthy experience of Ron Hood and his serving on Ohio House committees that fostered job growth and restructuring.

Ron Hood has been working on job prosperity for many years. While watching our neighboring states choose a business-friendly atmosphere, Ohio clamped down on licensing, more regulations of corporations, and Ohio’s failure to invest in small businesses, the backbone of our great state.

Ron Hood WILL change that. Ohio will become competitive in the national job market if the focus is put on revamping the tax code, limiting licensing, and encouraging manufacturing through incentives, like surrounding states have done.


Good education always starts at the local level. Ron Hood and Candice Keller will return the power to parents as to the choices made available to them through Ohio’s education system.

Whether it be public school, private or parochial school, or homeschooling…We support policies and funding that give parents the last word on educational freedom, as parents know what is best for their children, not the state.


Personal health decisions need to be monitored by patients and doctors alone, not government bureaucrats or insurance companies that wish to profit from big pharma and heavily-funded hospitals.

High quality healthcare should be AFFORDABLE and NO mandates regarding a person’s private health matters should be the business of the state. It’s your money and your health.

Ron Hood and Candice Keller want major reform in Ohio healthcare including offering financial assistance to those who cannot afford coverage, expanding Health Savings Account options and allowing families to buy independently at reasonable costs with good care included.


There are no more staunch supporters in Ohio than Ron Hood and Candice Keller. The authors of Ohio’s Stand Your Ground Bill and Constitutional Carry, they have fought long and hard for your Second Amendment from the beginning.

The Second Amendment was given to us to protect ALL other freedoms. We will stand strong on pro-gun laws to keep criminals out of Ohio.


Ron Hood and Candice Keller passed Ohio’s House version of the Heartbeat Bill, which will save the lives of 20,000 Ohio babies annually. This bill cuts to the heart of Roe v. Wade, is one of 15 Heartbeat Bills introduced nationwide that will stop the killing of the innocent unborn.

After Heartbeat passed, Hood-Keller introduced Life at Conception in hopes of stopping ALL abortions in Ohio. That bill is still moving ahead in the Ohio House even today. All life is precious, from conception until natural death.


Spending in the state of Ohio is out of control, and it is our responsibility to fix that problem. Ron Hood and Candice Keller fought hard to stop reckless spending in the Ohio budget by voting NO repeatedly to unsustainable spending in recent biennial budgets.

We will continue to push for fiscal sanity in Ohio so we can pave the way for a future of prosperity for our children and grandchildren, as well as honor our retirees who worked so hard on our behalf.