Ron Hood

Former State Representative Ron Hood has been elected four times by the 78th House District, which encompasses Hocking and Morgan counties, as well as portions of Athens, Fairfield, Muskingum and Pickaway counties.

Ron Hood has been the leading voice in the Ohio legislature on Pro-life and Pro-gun legislation. He has received numerous awards during his time in the House, including the Outstanding Conservative Freshman Legislator, the Frank Lausche Young Conservative Award, National Right to Work Legislator of the Year, National Association for Gun Rights Legislator of the Year, Faith to Action Braveheart Award and 4 Watchdogs of the Treasury.

Ron Hood resides in Circleville and has five children: Ellah, Edward, Judah, Quinne and Wesley.

Candice Keller

Candice Keller is a lifelong Ohioan whose conservative constitutionalism guided her well in the Ohio legislature from 2016-2020. During her tenure as State Representative from Ohio’s 53rd House district, she was the leading sponsor of the House version of Ohio’s Heartbeat Bill, which saves the lives of more than 20,000 innocent unborn annually in Ohio. Her introducing sponsor was State Rep. Ron Hood. That bill was signed into law on April 10, 2019.

Along with Rep. Ron Hood, she introduced pro-Second Amendment bills such as Constitutional Carry and Stand Your Ground, assuring Ohioans that your right to protect yourself shall not be infringed as stated in our Constitution. Her votes consistently favored empowering small businesses by reducing licensing, regulations and making our tax code friendlier to manufacturing and industry. She is a strong advocate of smaller government and home schooling.

Her House Resolution recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel garnered her an invitation to the Israeli Knesset in 2019, meeting with Israeli Minister of Justice Amir Ohana. Ohio is the 26th largest trading partner with Israel. That meeting came about from Israel’s desire to have open dialogue with a sitting Ohio House Representative who recognizes the sovereignty of Israel.

Candice has been a pro-life Pregnancy Care Center Director for 15 years. She is a pastor’s daughter and graduate of Miami University of Ohio. Her husband of 45 years, Kent, is a retired Project Manager with the airline industry. They attend Solid Rock Church in Lebanon, Ohio. They have two sons and 8 grandchildren.